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August 5th, 2009

01:46 pm
Life kind of sucks at the minute! I only have one shift a week which really isn't even enough to pay rent nevermind anything else which is getting me down a lot. I have nothing to do during the week, I am sitting in the house on the net or watching tv, or playing pokemon. While these are okay things to do, not for weeks on end.

My American cousins are trying to get me to come and stay with them, I really want too but I have no money and I don't think taking a loan would work as I am already like £10,000 in debt from uni. :(

Only up side is my friends. I love my friends, spent the day with Emma yesterday, she is such a wee dote and I don't think I ever laugh as much unless she is around. Much fun watching chick flicks and chatting with her.
Played the wii with my mate Niall the other night, which was lots of fun. Still talk to Ro and the boys everyday so things in the friend department is good like.

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April 7th, 2009

12:55 am - SEARCH
This week is the last ever SEARCH meeting. It's weird, oh god so weird to think of it as gone, no more. I owe Search soooo much. I've been a member for 5 years now and it has flew past so quickly. I've had some of the best times and some of the worst times because of it. I wouldn't change them as they have made me, well....me.

I have friends I know I will have for life due to it and friends that I know when the time came would be there for me and help me when I really needed it.

It was the first place that I really ever belonged too. Where I felt like I had the right to be, where I felt like I was being listened too. I think I am going to miss the weekends the most. It was the one time when you could get away and have fun, be a child, play games with your friends, stay up all night laughing, play fighting and really just be yourself without people around you judging you and making you feel stupid for having some fun.

If any of you are on my facebook I am going to make a wee ablum as a little dedication to Search. I'll try and get my really old pics from my old comp and get some of them up too as I think it would be nice to see it over the last number of years instead of just the last couple of weekends.

Oh, if any of you searchers still read this lj how would you feel about one last night out in Mooneys after the meeting? Just like the old days when we made all the funny videos, had a laugh and a chill. I know Fado is having the offical night on the 18th but just for old times sake. Everyone that has ever been to an after search Party is very welcome, and I mean EVERYONE, those of you who never had the chance can come to of course. Let me know what you think. xxx

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March 18th, 2008

08:47 pm
I have to say I really enjoyed st Patricks day this year. The hours were long and I was tired by 8pm and my feet were sore but hell, it was all worth it for the half an hours dancing with the staff while waiting for everyone to leave. I had a drip tray filled with cider poured on me when Chris was trying to empty it into a bucket but hey, it was funny and I smelled like magners for the rest of the night ahahahahaha.

I was dancing with Oradhan and he was that drunk he was pushing me around the floor, with the alcohol and sweat on the floor It was easy for me to slide instead of taking a step. Ahahahahaha I am laughing so much while thinking back to dancing with that boy. He went to hug me and my face landed in his armpits, that was NOT a nice. ahahahahaha. Even Cairon was giving me hugs and kisses. Such a laugh. 

The driving home at like 3.30 this morning was not fun. I had the heating down and the music up. I made myself sing each of the songs to keep myself awake. My bed was great when I fell into them. yey for things,

I am in a good mood!

meeting up with the drama ones tomorrow night in Belfast. Kerry is coming up yey. I'm also going shopping with Stef tomorrow to get some things. woot woot.

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January 19th, 2008

12:11 am - LONDON TRIP
I just wanted to let all you lovely ladies know that the hostel is booked!

Prices are as thus:

Those who are staying only 2 night: £21.50 each (That is in British pounds)
Those who are staying the 3 nights: £32 each (in British pounds)

The hostel is called:
Hostel: Smart Hyde Park Inn
Address: 48-50 Inverness Terrace Bayswater ,London England W2 3JA, England
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7229 0000
Email: hpibookings@smartbackpackers.com
Website: http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/england/london/1350/
(just incase parents want to know)

Take the underground system westbound Circle Line (yellow)/District Line(Green) to Bayswater Station. From Bayswater Station Cross the road and walk down Inverness Place, there in front of you at the junction is Hyde Park Inn. 1 minute Walk from Bayswater Station. You can also take Central Line (orange) to Queensway. As you come out of the station turn left and walk to Bayswater Station. 

This place is on the same street as Hyde park and such.

 Oh, the closest airport is also Hethrow but if you are flying to gatwick it is easy to cath a bus to hethrow anyway....if you are flying into the other airport I'm not sure...maybe one of your Londoners would know about getting to Hethrow from there?

I'll put up meeting points and such at a later date. Myself and Beca will be there early to welcome everyone and pick you up at the airports. I'm taking a morning flight so I'll be at hethrow until we all gather. 

my mobile number: (+44)07708376922 (If you have any questions)

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January 16th, 2008

02:46 pm - LONDON TRIP

Just to let you gals know. Tjay and I have been looking up hostels and such and are going to book one night. I wil book for 8 people for the minute but let them know it could change slightly.

I'll pay the deposit with a credit card so that we know that we have out place to stay. I'll let you all know where it is tonight or tomorrow so that flights and such can be booked.

Laura and Tjay.

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October 22nd, 2007

07:37 pm - steelsings get together.
Okay, so most of the people going have lj and are on my lj so should see this.

People wanting to go:

Laura, Ems, Claire, Claire, Cams, Emma, Silvia, Sarah, Tash, Beca (possible), Gecko (needs permission before we can allow her), Petra (Once again, needs parents permission)

Destination: London, England.

Dates: You all have two choices,

Thursday 20th March - Saturday 23rd March (Leaving people at home for easter)
Or Friday 21st March - Sunday 24th March....

Unless you all have other idea's???????

I am still having a hard time finding cheap b and b's so if anyone from england would like to help me with looking for places and such I would be grateful!

Laura xxx

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July 12th, 2007

10:13 am - GUESS WHAT?

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June 29th, 2007

04:58 pm - America
so, I am finally here. As some of you might have heard I missed my plane in Gatwick, not my fault either. My plane in Dublin was delayed so I missed my flight in gatwick as a) Delay in Dub b) Baggage took half an hour to come out and c) Busses were late at Hethrow so it took aaaaaggggessss.

I had to pay for a hotel to stay in, I was soooo tired and cross and upset and in tears as they wern't going to let me into the hotels as I don't have a credit card and they were not accepting mum and dad's over the phone. After 3 long hours of lonliness and changing of $180 into pounds I got a cheap hotel and made my way there.

Got on the plane next morning and was on my way....bloody 8 hour flight to get like harrassed by customs for almost an hour I got through to Jos and her parents. Man I was never as glad to see people in my whole life ha ha ha. 

Went to this japanese steakhouse and I had sushi then I I got to like sit and watch this dude cook our food infront of us on the big hot plate. It was really fun and I got great sherbert ice cream stuff, yummmmmm. I had a great dinner with them, played the wii with jos and her parents, I won bowling and then played tennis and mario party, great fun. I stayed up until 1am us time so that I wouldn't get hit with with jet lag and stuff and it's worked.

I woke up and sorted my suitcase then came and watched tv. Me, Jos and her mum watched RV then me, Jos and Allanna watched Little giants before Allanna left for a party and me and Jos went for something to eat, it was nice and it was really warm which is good.

Sitting here watching 12th night while using this machine, not sure what is planned for later other than going to get ice cream yey!!!

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February 21st, 2007

04:48 pm



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February 19th, 2007

06:36 pm

I just had a great week!

I spent the week in Belfast catching up with the ones there and getting away from home for a few days due to tensions getting slightly high here between me and mammy. Not that, that doesn't happy like every week.

We all went to Pizza hut on Thursday night, there was:
James h
James D

Had lots of fun and boy can Alice and Ryan eat! They had so much pizza between the two of them! Lots of craic with everyone. Alot of us headed back to Uni Ave. Lots of fun there, watched a chick click and fell aleep with my head on Alices ass if I remember right. *laughs* Aparatly I talked non stop all week in my sleep....not good!

On Friday went over to the hospital as Sean was getting home for good, had to bring over a present that he left behind so I did that before heading back over to do some school work, only that didn't happen as Friel's sis landed to bring him home so I left the house so not to watch it all. Went to the student Union to meet Amdrew to set up for the 24hour thing. Waited for an hour so he could finish work, keeping myself occupied with saduku (sp) Got set up in like an hour and a half to two hours I think, not bad for it just being the two of us. So many bloody tables to lift! I have muscles in my arms now, woot woot. After doing all the hard work we went for pizza before heading in seperate directions....for some reason Andrew didn't think me able to walk back to cmr's! Silly boy!

Went to the gaming thing on Saturday morning. I played mario kart for ages, not getting any better at it I have to say...actually, I think I was getting worse. Anyway, the competitions started and I won the Sun sprite Mario kart one! I was all buzzed with that, so gad I won something. Was with the guys on the comps for ages: Andrew (iziz), Ben, Steve, Andrew (narchy) and the others that I fail to know. They are great craic! Played some wii bowling only to be thrashed by those who own wii's like Iziz of course! Played donkey konga and even playing some games through lan. Played savage, thanks to Ben and possibly due to the fact that they needed another player. Loved it, very addictive but Steve seemed to like killing me far too much, well him and iziz, even Ben started to join in with the Laura killing.

Played singstar! I knocked out Tina in the quarter finals only for her to get back into the semis due to there only being 3 people. A guy Paul knocked me out when he picked The boys are back in town, due to lack of verse knowlege even Whitney huston couldn't give me another 100 points to beat him. So I got into the final four before having to step aside!

Watched star trek 5 with commentary while trying not to listen to Eunan singing like a woman!!!! I mean it, that dude sounds like a real woman!

so I now met all of Andrews house mates. *laughs* Talking to Eunan for a while until someone told me who he was, meh! I got to make fun of him so it was all good. I also got to make fun of Andrew (iziz) in his link pictures, although in saying that he didn't look bad in them, he suits his little costume. *grins*

So yes, a great 24 hours, so glad that I went! Thanks to everyone for making my day superb!!! *smiles*

ps. Steve was so not shy and quiet when he was killing me, make me laugh how unlike that he actually was!

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